Slither (2006)

What's Gotten Into You?
Comedy / Horror / Science Fiction • 95 minutes  6.5/10
Starring: Nathan Fillion Elizabeth Banks Gregg Henry Xantha Radley Michael Rooker Tania Saulnier Dustin Milligan Magda Apanowicz and others.
Director: James Gunn Writer: James Gunn Director of Photography: Gregory Middleton Producer: Eric Newman Paul Brooks Editor: John Axelrad Original Music Composer: Tyler Bates
Released • March 31, 2006

A small town is taken over by an alien plague, turning residents into zombies and all forms of mutant monsters.

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A.K.A. AR: Slither - criaturas rastreras  BR: Seres Rastejantes  CA: Incisions  CN: 到处游荡  DE: Slither - Voll auf den Schleim gegangen  ES: Slither: La plaga  FR: Horribilis  GR: Parasita  HR: Ljigavci  HU: Slither - Féltél már nevetve?  LT: Šlykštyne  MX: Criaturas rastreras  PT: Slither - Os Invasores  RS: Gmizavci  RU: Слизняк  SV: Criaturas Rastreras  TR: Yaratiklar