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1.BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky (2020)
Released • October 14, 2020 • Documentary / Music
Record-shattering Korean girl band BLACKPINK tell their story — and detail the hard fought journey of the dreams and trials behind their meteoric rise
2.Fandango at the Wall (2020)
Released • September 25, 2020 • Documentary / Music
Follow New York City maestro Arturo O’Farrill, Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra founder, to Veracruz, Mexico where he meets up with the masters of a 300-year-old folk music tradition called son jarocho...
3.Music (2020)
Released • September 25, 2020 • Drama / Music
Details the story of a sober drug dealer and their disabled sister.
4.Blood Machines (2020)
Released • September 1, 2020 • Adventure / Horror / Music / Science Fiction
An artificial intelligence escapes her spaceship to turn into a female ghost and challenges two blade runners to a galactic chase.
5.Barbie: Princess Adventure (2020)
Released • September 1, 2020 • Animation / Music
With new friends in a new kingdom, Barbie learns what it means to be herself when she trades places with a royal lookalike in this musical adventure.
6.Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe (2020)
Released • August 28, 2020 • Animation / Comedy / Family / Music / Science Fiction / TV Movie
Phineas and Ferb travel across the galaxy to rescue their older sister Candace, who has been abducted by aliens and taken to a utopia in a far-off planet, free of her pesky little brothers.
7.Farewell Restaurant (2020)
Released • August 27, 2020 • Drama / Music / Romance
Hae-jin, a chef who suddenly broke up through Kakao, left for Skopelos, Greece, the same island he promised to come with for the summer vacation. Hae-jin opened a Korean restaurant called Farewell...
8.Shadow Of The Star (2020)
Released • August 20, 2020 • Drama / Music / Mystery / Romance
The popular rapper comes on tour in St. Petersburg. His fans adore and wait, he is at the peak of fame, he is confident in himself. Together with the star, his manager, musicians and a girl come....
9.Muse: Simulation Theory (2020)
Released • August 17, 2020 • Music
Conceived and filmed at London's O2 Arena in September 2019 the film follows a team of scientists as they investigate the source of a paranormal anomaly appearing around the world. Blurring the...
10.Uncle Peckerhead (2020)
Released • August 11, 2020 • Comedy / Horror / Music
When a punk band scores their first tour, life on the road proves tough when they are joined by a man-eating demon as a roadie.
11.Work It (2020)
Released • August 7, 2020 • Comedy / Music
A brilliant but clumsy high school senior vows to get into her late father's alma mater by transforming herself and a misfit squad into dance champions.
12.Black Is King (2020)
Released • July 31, 2020 • Music
This visual album from Beyoncé reimagines the lessons of "The Lion King" (2019) for today’s young kings and queens in search of their own crowns.
13.Again (2020)
Released • July 30, 2020 • Drama / Music
Yeon-ju is an assistant director who has been trying to be a writer-director for ten years. After being turned down her last script and assigned an unwanted side job in her home town by an...