Movies – War
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1.Beanpole (2019)
Released • June 20, 2019 • Drama / War
Set in post-WWII Leningrad as two female soldiers return from war and attempt to rebuild their lives in the ravaged city.
2.Donbass. Borderland (2019)
Released • June 12, 2019 • Drama / Thriller / War
In the center of the plot of the film is a young soldier of the Ukrainian army, Andrei Sokolov, who is sent to the combat zone as a driver. Fleeing from the shelling, Andrew finds himself in the...
3.To Paris! (2019)
Released • May 9, 2019 • Adventure / Comedy / History / War
An amazing story of tank crewmen who had gone through the war hand in hand and decided to celebrate the great victory in Paris. The friends, who had survived the dreadful experience of war, reached...
4.Immortality Corridor (2019)
Released • May 8, 2019 • Drama / War
Yesterday's Leningrad schoolgirl Masha Yablochkina, after a fierce blockade winter of 1941-1942, comes to the railway courses hoping to survive and gain strength. From there, the girl is sent to...