Donbass. Borderland (2019)

Drama / Thriller / War • 96 minutes
Starring: Gela Meskhi Evgeniy Mikheev Sergey Kholmogorov Ulyana Pokhlebaeva Anna Peskova Evgenia Malakhova Valentina Popova and others.
Director: Renat Davletyarov Screenplay: Alexey Timoshkin Director of Photography: Kirill Klepalov Producer: Grigoriy Podzemelnyy Renat Davletyarov Editor: Matvey Epanchintsev Original Music Composer: Roman Dormidoshin
Released • June 12, 2019

In the center of the plot of the film is a young soldier of the Ukrainian army, Andrei Sokolov, who is sent to the combat zone as a driver. Fleeing from the shelling, Andrew finds himself in the basement of a dwelling house, where he meets different people, each of whom dreams of only one thing - so that the war will end as soon as possible.