Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

Unspeakable Horrors From Outer Space Paralyze The Living And Resurrect The Dead!
Horror / Science Fiction • 79 minutes  4/10
Starring: Gregory Walcott Mona McKinnon Duke Moore Tom Keene Carl Anthony Paul Marco Tor Johnson Dudley Manlove and others.
Director: Edward D. Wood Jr. Screenplay: Edward D. Wood Jr. Director of Photography: William C. Thompson Producer: Edward D. Wood Jr. Editor: Edward D. Wood Jr.
Released • July 22, 1959

Aliens resurrect dead humans as zombies and vampires to stop humanity from creating the Solaranite (a sort of sun-driven bomb).

A.K.A. AR: Vampiros del espacio  BR: Plano 9 do Espaço Sideral  DE: Plan 9 aus dem Weltall  ES: Plan 9 del espacio exterior  JP: Puran 9 furomu autâ supêsu  MX: Plan 9 del espacio exterior  PT: Plano 9 do Vampiro Zombie  RU: План 9 из открытого космоса  US: Grave Robbers from Outer Space  VE: Plan 9 del espacio sideral