Queen of Spades: Through the Looking Glass (2019)

Horror / Thriller • 83 minutes
Starring: Igor Yashanin Yan Alabushev and others.
Director: Alexandr Domogarov Jr. Screenplay: Alexandr Domogarov Jr. Masha Ogneva Director of Photography: Alexey Strelov Producer: Konstantin Buslov
Released • March 14, 2019

The sinister ghost of the Queen of Spades is out for blood, her victims the students of an old boarding school shrouded in gloomy rumors. Exploring the school’s abandoned wing, the teenagers discover a mirror covered in mysterious drawings. Facing it, they playfully recite an incantation which renders their innermost desires a reality - at the expense of nothing less than their souls.

A.K.A. PT: Rainha de espadas: Através do espelho  RU: Пиковая дама: Зазеркалье