To Paris! (2019)

Adventure / Comedy / History / War
Starring: Dmitriy Pevtsov Sergei Makovetsky Renata Litvinova Evgeniy Stychkin Fyodor Dobronravov Maxim Vazhov Tornike Kvitatiani Igor Zolotovitsky and others.
Released • May 9, 2019

An amazing story of tank crewmen who had gone through the war hand in hand and decided to celebrate the great victory in Paris. The friends, who had survived the dreadful experience of war, reached Berlin and set their eyes on a new course in life involving love, breath-taking adventures and their dream town Paris. The movie is based on real events.

A.K.A. DE: На Париж  ES: На Париж  FR: На Париж  PT: На Париж  RU: На Париж