Jane the Virgin
Comedy / Drama  7.8/10
Returning Series – episode 5x16 aired 2 days ago, episode 5x17 airs in 4 days
514: Chapter Ninety-Five(June 26, 2019 – 3 weeks ago)
When Lina comes to town, Jane is excited to see her until she asks for a favor; Rafael begins to work with Petra again, but old tensions create new problems between them; Rogelio creates a plan to pressure the network o pick up his pilot.

A.K.A. CA: Jane l'Immaculée  CN: 圣女简恩  GR: Τζέιν η Παρθένα  HK: 處女情緣  ID: JanDa Virgin  KR: 제인 더 버진  PT: Virgem Jane  RU: Девственница  TW: 貞愛好孕到